Continually Improving Safety

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Continually Working to Improve Safety Management

To manage safety, employers have to make safety a priority and demonstrate their commitment.

Any business has to look ahead, learn from the past and assess its performance if it wants to move forward and improve. Managing safety is the exactly the same: it’s an ongoing process of learning and improving. Just as with any other performance review, records and statistics can and should be used to improve safety management.

The table below outlines some ways you might use data from incidents for statistical analysis:

Consider the Type
  • Near misses
  • First aid only
  • Health care only
  • Time-loss injury
Look at the Data:
  • Number of incidents
  • Frequency of incidents
  • Number of injuries
  • Types of injuries
  • Severity of injuries
  • Number of days lost
Analyze Your Data
  • Compare monthly and annual results
  • Compare type of work or activity
  • Compare shifts
  • Compare worker experience and training

Management is required to meet regularly to review health and safety activities and incident trends. These meetings provide an opportunity to:

  • Talk about feedback, suggestions, and concerns from workers
  • Respond to recommendations arising from inspections and safety committees
  • Review policies and procedures for relevance
  • Work to improve the existing health and safety program
  • Review statistics

Management has to communicate decisions and activities on health and safety matters to supervisors and workers.

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