WHMIS supplier label requirements

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WHMIS Supplier Label Requirements

For a sample of what a WHMIS Supplier Label should look like, click here.  Supplier labels must include the following information:

1. Product Identifier: this is may be the chemical name of a product, its trade name, common name or code.

2. Supplier Identification: the name of the company that made, distributed or sold the product.

3. Hazard Symbol(s): one or more of the symbols that indicate the classification of the product.

4. Risk Phrases: descriptions of the specific hazards of the product. There should be at least one risk phrase for each hazard symbol.

5. Precautionary Measures: instructions for the essential precautions workers should take and the specific PPE they should use while handling the product.

6. First Aid Measures: What to do in case of an emergency such as ingestion, skin contact, inhalation etc.

7. Reference to MSDS: indication that an MSDS is available.

Only these seven items may be included on a WHMIS label. Any other information, such as instructions for using or applying the product, should be provided on separate labels.

Some supplier labels may look different and have less information if they are on small containers (less than 100ml), laboratory samples, or if they come from laboratory chemical suppliers.

For more information on the rules surrounding WHMIS labelling standards, such as restrictions on colours that may be used and guidance for labelling materials for transport, see the WorkSafeBC manual WHMIS Core Material

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