Good Safety: First Things First

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Good Safety Management

First Things First

Did you know that the safety record of your business is connected to its success?

WorkSafeBC statistics, for example, show that small businesses with the lowest injury rates tend to stay in business longer than those with higher injury rates. In other words, the more likely it is for workers to get hurt, the sooner a business is likely to shut down. This implies that safety can and should be managed like any other aspect of business — that good safety management is an integral part of good business management.

At WCSA, we believe good safety management is only achieved when it becomes a normal part of our daily routines as owners, managers and staff — when it becomes habitual. In order to create stores where safety is the norm for everyone, good habits have to start at the top. In other words, safety needs to be managed at all levels so that it simply becomes the way we do our business.

The Keys to Good Safety Management Are:

Safety success is just like business success. It requires the input and participation of everyone at work. Some parts of Canada have special rules about how workers, managers, supervisors and employers work together formally to make safety habitual. Check here to find out if you need to have an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Committee.

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